Having spent a lot of time studying Middle Eastern politics, it is very rewarding to put the academic
knowledge into practice as part of an internship at MEND in Jerusalem. The organization works directly
with the Palestinian local population in order to educate them in issues such as active nonviolence and
democracy, and I work at the organization’s central office in East Jerusalem with the administrative side
of the organization’s activities: developing, planning, coordinating, and doing fund-raising for the
different projects.

My main responsibility is resource development, especially the development of different projects on the
West Bank such as ’the Curriculum Project’ that aims to influence the curriculum for Palestinian school
children in order to teach them more about active nonviolence and democracy. Project development
is closely linked to fundraising, which is a very important part of my job. Besides fund-raising for the
Curriculum Project, I have also raised funds for MEND’s Active Nonviolence Network throughout the
West Bank.

I have been responsible for coordinating a project called Coping with Conflict that is executed in
cooperation with the Devon Development Education (DDE) at the Global Centre in Exeter. The project
aims to put English youth in direct contact with youth in Hebron so that the English youth can learn about
how it is to ‘cope with a conflict’ and to live under occupation. It is a chance for the youth in Hebron,
that due to the barrier and the restricted freedom of movement are very isolated, to get their stories
heard in a wider circle.

Currently I am working together with MEND’s Strategic Consultant Ms. Sonia Najjar to develop a Women’
s Unit that will work to empower women and girls in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Tulkarem, and Jenin. The
participants will receive training about issues of relevance to them, focusing on how to prevent
violence against women.

The work at MEND is very rewarding and I get to see the positive result of our work on a daily bases.