If you wish to work as a volunteer, either in Palestine or the UK, please send a letter with your CV to
mend@mendonline.org. We would love to have you with us!

If you would like to be an online volunteer, please
click here

MEND is a registered charity in Palestine and Israel, as well as the United Kingdom.

To donate online right now, click the link below:

To donate by mail, please send your check or money order to one of the following addresses:

Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy
P.O. Box 66558
Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem

P.O. Box 51762
London NW1 4QJ

To wire your donation directly into one of MEND's bank accounts:

Arab Bank

Al-Ram Branch (861)
A/C 9110-460500/4-511
Swift Code: ARABPS22110

Jordan National Bank

P.O. Box 550
Elbirah, Ramallah
A/C 8900396717
Swift Code: JONBJOAX

The Bank of New York (for Jordan National Bank account)

P.O. 11210
Church Street, New York, NY 10249
Routing #: 021000018
Swift Code: irvtus3n

Mend UK

Abbey National
14A Hanover Square, London, W1
United Kingdom
Sort Code: 090666
A/C 41491311